Kind words

Comments: Still basking in the glow of Milwaukee Irish Fest!  How wonderful to see you and the Sweeneys again!  We never missed one of Barley Bree's concerts  at Steinmetz High School in Chicago and have always wondered how you were all doing. Great to see you're looking and playing even better than before!  Thanks for the music!

-- Joan D

WEDNESDAY, March 24th
City Steam, Hartford, CT, 7:30 (sharp)-10:30 PM. I asked many people on my way to Hartford if they had heard of P.V. O'Donnell and only a few had--that's too bad, because he is a fine Donegal fiddler and the real thing. You'll probably be hearing more soon. He is evidently much loved by the locals. On the fourth anniversary of the City Steam session he started, which I just happened to attend, he was presented with a cake and much praise. The bar named a beer after him, "P.V. Porter" ( , scroll most of the way down the page), which tastes suspiciously like Guinness. It isn't surprising that P.V. is appreciated as a session leader, because the session is set up and run in a way particularly welcoming both to beginners and to more experienced musicians. The bar is rather loud so the half-dozen or so session leaders sit in a conveniently semi-circular-shaped nook, playing in front of microphones. Facing them are rows upon rows, like an orchestra, of other musicians. I'm not sure how many people were there, but it must have been 20 or more. But, what was great, the session leaders could be heard, there seemed to be plenty of room for all interested musicians, and the drinkers could make noise. Moreover, P.V. played a nice selection of tunes, from the most common to the semi-common to several that I had never heard before. So everybody was happy. There were some interesting older musicians in attendance--I didn't catch their names, but there was a fiddler from Galway and a couple of accordion players (one piano and one button). I also had the good fortune to be sitting next to Claudine Langille. Apparently, P.V.'s friend Tommy Peoples shows up from time to time as well. Well worth a visit, I'd say, for just about anyone.

-- Larry Sanger, OH

"P.V. O'Donnell plays the fiddle with passion and grace -- his music lifts one's spirit. The music, stories and humor of Ireland, which he weaves into his performances, stir the soul, touch the heart and tickle the mind. He is a delight to all who share in his company and he always leaves us wanting more!

-- Berta Andrulis, Executive Director
    Litchfield Community Center

Three Rivers Community College
Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
The concept behind the Luncheon Music Series is to offer the Three Rivers Community College community an easy-to-attend, entertaining event that stimulates cultural an intellectual curiosity. This years theme, "Music From Across the Seas" answers that need and your participation has made it an outstanding success. Thank you for a lively and compelling performance.

Your dedication to education is evident by your participation in this program. I have appreciated meeting with you, as has the audience you have enlightened.

Thank you.

-- Karen F. Westerberg
    Director of Student Programs
    Three Rivers Community College
    Norwich CT.
    860 886 0177

"I have had the very real pleasure of working several times with P. V. O'Donnell. A thoroughly professional performer, he is deeply rooted in the traditional Donegal style. His playing reflects his love and respect for that tradition. Here is an album with no gimmicks, just great traditional Irish music presented in the way it was intended, by a gifted Donegal fiddler. 'Way to go P.V.' "

-- Joe Derrane
     Internationally acclaimed accordion player

"The St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Holy Family Passionist Retreat Center was one of the most successful events we have ever hosted. Not only did the name PV O'Donnell give us a sell-out crowd, but the performance was wonderful! The Irish music was a perfect blend, from rousing reels to haunting airs. PV is a master fiddler in the old Irish tradition, and was joined by musicians of equally high caliber. In addition to the fine instrumentals and vocals, we were treated to spectacular step dancing and, of course, the witty banter of PV and his cohorts. It was an evening full of laughter, good cheer and fabulous music!"

-- Nancy Connelly

"We had an extraordinary benefit with noteworthy results on January 27 at the Irish American Home Society in Glastonbury. Donegal Fiddler and Comhaltas member PV O'Donnell gathered together a magnificent group of musicians and dancers who donated their time and talent to perform in support of our Curry Seery Branch. "

-- Liz Farley, Curry Seery Branch of Comhaltas

"Thank you for your wonderful performance at the Greenwich Library. The audience obviously had a marvelous time. The music was enchanting and everyone loved your stories. We look forward to having you back at the library in the future. Please feel free to offer my name as a reference I if other organizations inquire about your services. I would be happy to share stories of your Success in Greenwich."

-- Tiffany Muir, Librarian Greenwich library

We are so grateful for your caring attention to us and all the other children that you have touched. You are a very special person and have truly made a difference in our lives. ...Thank you for all you do. The show is funny, entertaining and touching. We are privileged to be a part of it.

-- K.C & Molly-Ann

PV is a window into the very soul of the Emerald Isle. Take a stroll down the lane to a neighbor's house, set yourself down, place a pint on the table, hear the fiddle, the brogue, and instantly, find that you're, at last, home.

-- Ray Dunaway WTIC 1080 AM

"I can't tell you how excited the children were to meet you today! They heard you 'fiddling' around while we were singing.What joy there is when young musicians meet a 'pro'. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for coming and for honoring us with your incredible talent".

--Sallie Ferbe. Connecticut Children's Chorus